Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Alojamento

Clothing Change

Inform all Residents that change of Bed Linen and Towels provided by Residência de Estudantes Eng. Duarte Pacheco, is mandatory and takes place weekly since 10h00 AM, in the following days:

  • Block A: Monday;
  • Block B: Wednesday;
  • Block C: Friday.

Replacement procedure

  • Each resident must leave the dirty sheets and towels inside the room, near the entrance door, properly collected (can not be packed, inside a pillowcase for example);
  • The cleaning employees of the Residence, duly identified, will enter the room to proceed to this replacement sending to laundry.

Obs.: The Residence provides each student with sheets, towels, pillow, and also a blanket and a duvet.

During your stay in Residence, each Resident is responsible for the cleaning of is own room.

Following the mentioned weekly visit by Residence staff, please must keep your room properly clean and organized (may have a penalty).

Note: The Residence have in each Block washing and dryer machines which all residents will be able to use, using       special coins acquired at the  Reception (1,50€ each load – detergent not included).
There are also available to Residents irons / boards to clothes and vacuum cleaners.