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About Accommodation Office

Mission, Vision, Values ​​and Attitudes


The Accommodation Office aims to ensure effective management of the Instituto Superior Técnico accommodation unit, Residência Universitária Baldaques (RUB), and to achieve full compliance with the quality standards and established guidelines in order to assure proper operation of the Residence and provide high quality service to all users.


Our goal is to become  a reference  for competence and quality, seeking to be recognised as a reference Office due to its competence and excellent performance in the management area of IST accommodation unit. The leadership for satisfaction.

These are the values ​​underlying the action of the Accommodation Office:

  • Rigour – to comply in a judicious, timely manner  the most demanding  ethical parameters;
  • Impartiality – to treat with the same degree of relief all subjects, all collaborators and all clients;
  • Efficiency – to promote mechanisms of motivation that achieve levels of performance comparable only with the best;
  • Ethics – to take a position with exemplary ethical standards of excellence  in order to promote the good name of the  NA and of the IST;
  • Innovation – to pursue the continuous improvement by adapting methods and technologies that provide  more efficient solutions.

These values ​​are reflected  both in the culture and in the internal behavior, as well as in the public image of  the Accommodation Office promoting positive attitudes amongst collaborators such as:

  • To have team spirit – to share information with transparency so that no one is irreplaceable;
  • To be proactive – to provide solutions rather than posing problems;
  • To have  initiative – to take risks/make decisions rather than taking no action;
  • To be flexible – to accept new tasks and face them as a challenge to creativity and team dynamics;
  • To have a good interpersonal relationship – to be able to communicate one’s ideas and  respect those of others.


  • Ensure compliance with the standards and guidelines established for the operation and use of the accommodation unit managed by IST;
  • Propose the regulation for the  use of the residence and its administration as well as ensure compliance with the regulation in force;
  • Organize the booking process for accommodation.